Lisha Organic Fertilizer


Lisha is an organic fertilizer that helps to increase the quantity and quality of your yields.

  • Gradual release, long lasting fertilizer.
  • Delivers results better and faster .
  • Contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium and all micronutrients.
  • Improves water retention capacity of the soil.
  • Improves soil structure for good aeration and root penetration.
  • Excellent in rehabilitating depleted soils.



Lisha Organic Fertilizer

Organic Compost


Produced from naturally composted organic matter, mainly vegetable materials. It is fully mature and does not burn roots.

  • It improves the soil physical properties and soil fertility by adding slow releasing nutrients.
  • It is very effective in opening up heavy and sticky clay soils.
  • It enhances and restores the natural properties and life within the soil.
  • It is conveniently packed in strong 50 Kg Bags for ease of handling.
  • It adds natural humus and humus makers back to the soil.
  • It is very good in improving moisture retention, making water easily available for plant roots.
hand holding organic compost on crop field

Soil Testing and Agronomy Services

We offer soil testing and agronomy services .

We collect samples from your farm, deliver them for analysis at the laboratory, assist in interpreting the results and offer the recommended agronomy services.

  • Soil Analysis

    • checks the nutritional and physical status of the soil to recommend soil correction measures and fertilizers needed to meet the nutritional needs of the crop.

  • Soil Pathology Analysis

    • checks for plant diseases in the soil and gives recommendations for treatment.

  • Plant tissue analysis

    • checks for nutritional deficiencies in plants and seeds and gives recommendations on corrective measures to improve crop performance.

  • Plant Pathology Analysis

    • checks for which disease has infected the crop and gives recommendations for treatment.

  • Irrigation Water Analysis

    • checks whether the water is suitable for irrigation purposes.

soil sampling