organic Fertilizers and Biopesticides


Are you looking for an eco-friendly solution to improve your crop yield and protect your garden from pests? You are in the right place! Our company specializes in organic fertilizers, biofertilizers, organic foliars, biopesticides, organic pesticides and soil amendment products that are perfect for all kinds of farmers, including kitchen garden farmers, large scale farmers, and anyone in between.

Sustainability: Our products are designed to promote sustainable farming and protect the environment. Unlike traditional fertilizers and pesticides that are often harmful to the environment, our products are organic and free of toxic chemicals. They are safe for people, babies, pets, and livestock, so you can rest assured that you’re making a responsible choice for your farming needs.


Versatility: Our products are suitable for all kinds of crops, including vegetables, fruits, grains, and flowers. They are also great for lawns and potted plants, making them a versatile solution for any kind of garden. Our range of products includes organic foliars that promote healthy foliage and biopesticides that protect your plants from pests and diseases.

Quality: Our organic fertilizers are made from high-quality ingredients that provide essential nutrients to your plants, ensuring that they grow strong and healthy. Our biofertilizers contain beneficial microorganisms that enhance soil health, promoting a healthy ecosystem for your crops. Our organic pesticides and biopesticides are effective in controlling pests without harming the environment or your crops.


Soil Analysis Services

We conduct soil sampling and analysis for you to identify specific nutritional needs for the crop, to help in fertilizer recommendations.

We also test for plant diseases, soil borne diseases and irrigation water suitability.

Organic Fertilizers and Soil Experts

We have over 20 years experience in organic, sustainable soil management practices.

Quality Services

We are dedicated to see our clients achieve wholesome success in whatever they are growing and nurturing.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is affordable to fit within the budget of the farming project you are undertaking.

If you’re looking for a sustainable and effective solution to improve your crop yield, consider our organic fertilizers, biofertilizers, organic foliars, biopesticides, organic pesticides, and soil amendment products. Our products are safe, versatile, and designed to promote a healthy environment for your crops. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your garden, increase your yield, and support sustainable farming practices.

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